Australian Resuscitation Council - Tasmanian Council Resources

The ARC Tas Resources pages provide timely information for links to ARC Guidelines, publications & other educational resources

First Resonders

Here you will find useful information for bystanders, first aiders or first aid providers, first responders & health professionals.

Health Professionals

Here you will find useful information for health care professionals who have training & or relevant experience in resuscitation. Links to ARC Guidelines, publications & other educational resources.

Survivor Testimonials

The Australian Resuscitation Council is committed to providing clear and consistent resources for first aid teachers and trainers. This increases the chance of a positive outcome by a trained first aid respondent.

Here you can find a selection of testimonials of those who received these benefits first hand.

External Resources

Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines

The Australian Resuscitation Council is a voluntary co-ordinating body which represents all major groups involved in the teaching and practice of resuscitation. The Australian Resuscitation Council is sponsored by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. The Australian Resuscitation Council produces Guidelines to meet its objectives in fostering uniformity and simplicity in resuscitation techniques and terminology. Guidelines are produced after consideration of all available scientific and published material and are only issued after acceptance by all member organisations. This does not imply, however, that methods other then those recommended are ineffective.

Australian Resuscitation Council Flowcharts

The ARC Flowcharts provide an easy to follow step by step guide to resuscitation techniques