The Ambulance Victoria 2016-17 Cardiac Arrest Registry Report


The Ambulance Victoria 2016-17 Cardiac Arrest Registry Report was launched this morning by the Victorian Premier and Minister for Health and Ambulance Services.

Key highlights are:

  • Victorians are more likely than ever to survive cardiac arrest. 37 per cent of Victorians who were seen to collapse, found in a shockable rhythm and then received resuscitation by emergency services in 2016-17 survived (38% in greater Melbourne)
  • A record number of patients in cardiac arrest – 80 – were defibrillated by the public.
  • More bystanders are stepping in to help save lives, with a six-fold increase in public defibrillation in the past decade (13 per cent up from 2 per cent).
  • More than 60 per cent of bystanders who witness a cardiac arrest give CPR.
  • Paramedics attended more than 6000 cardiac arrest cases in 2016-17.
  • A record 379 patients were discharged from hospital alive in 2016-17. 85% of these returned home of 77% of those who were working prior to their arrest went back to work
  • Paramedics are responding to cardiac arrest cases faster than ever before, with a median statewide response time of 7.7 minutes in 2016-17.